Study Biology in English at Eötvös Loránd University
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 B.Sc. program

Criteria of application and admission

The successful applicant must be at least 17 years of age, a graduate from a high school or a senior secondary school with graduation equivalent to the General Certificate of Education [UK] or high school diploma [US]), or must have at least three completed years of a four-year secondary school where the last year is a pre-university program. The prerequisite of acceptance is a good command of English.
Prior studies required in: biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics.

Documents to be enclosed to the application form: in addition to the generally needed data and documents, the applicant should provide information about her/his earlier studies and accomplishments, in biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics. Documents should be either originals or attested copies in English, or authorized English translations. (see “The application form” and “Application and admission procedures”)

Features of the program

Objectives Students participate in intensive basic and advanced level courses to gain an essential theoretical knowledge in the different fields of biology, and to become familiar with the most important methods. The theoretical and practical knowledge of B.Sc. graduates enables them to recognize and analyze new scientific problems in biology, and to plan, perform and evaluate simple laboratory or open field experiments for their investigation. The knowledge obtained in the B.Sc. program also forms an excellent basis for the continuation of studies in a M.Sc. program.

Curriculum The curriculum includes introduction to the major disciplines of science that support various biological subjects (chemistry, physics, mathematics, informatics - Module 2), basic courses in biology (Module 3), advanced courses in biology (Module 4) and special courses (Module 5 - for further details of the curriculum and the content of Modules see the “Curriculum of the B.Sc. program”). In the case of the special courses (starting form the 3rd semester), students have a certain freedom of choice in assembling their own list of courses they wish to attend, according to their interest and their later choice of M.Sc. program specialization. Students must collect a total of 180 credits by passing the examinations of theoretical courses, and earning a passing grade for practical training (170 credits) as well as by writing a B.Sc. Thesis (10 credits). (For the credit system and grading see “System of evaluation of students’ performance).

Thesis work To obtain their degree, candidates of B.Sc. have to write and orally present a “B.Sc. Thesis”. It must be an up-to-date critical review of the relevant scientific literature about a biological problem. A committee from teachers in the biology program will evaluate the „B.Sc. Thesis”.

Program head:

Béla Böddi professor

Program coordinator to be contacted:

Erika Tóth Ph.D., assistant professor